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As 2017 approaches, I am sitting here going down my list of goals for the new year. We are proud to be moving into our 5th year as one of the leading Legal Nurse Consulting firms in the upstate of South Carolina.

We are growing and always looking for ways to move out of our box. This past year, we spent much time re-vamping our logo and website with the help of a very talented marketing consultant, Keri Unsworth. Keri has been a great resource, her knowledge and experience are invaluable.

We have also spent the last year incorporating a new service to our firm, Medical Cost Projections. Medical Cost Projections are cost-saving and time-efficient case tools which help to project future medical cost for clients involved in any type of injury. Knowing the value of your case and the extent of what your client will be facing in the future, will help to give you the upper hand, leaving no money on the table.

One goal we are are making priority this year is to look for ways to reach our clients other than a random email or phone call. I want each of you to know our first intention as Legal Nurse Consultants is to help you build the strongest case you can. We want to be your best resource.

Utilizing our expert medical knowledge can help you to have a deeper understanding of the medical issues as you face opposing counsel. We want you to feel free to call or email anytime.

Visit our website, sign up for our monthly newsletter and check out our blog. These are just a few ways to help keep you in-touch and up to date with medical topics of interest and what we as LNC's find to be frequently asked about.

As you are reflecting and setting new goals for 2017, be sure to include Palmetto Review Consulting as a top resource in helping you reach those goals.

We are looking forward to being a part of your success!

Happy New Year!

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