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Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC) can be a valued member of your legal team.  We help to provide guidance during discovery by way of spotting missed issues, identifying pre-existing medical conditions and the possibility of exacerbation of symptoms due the injury. We can help to identify future cost and care based on your clients injury and medical recommendations, helping to give you a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

Utilizing our services can substantially change the outcome of your case.

Services includes:

  • Screening new cases for merit

  • Identify and elaborate on established Standards of Care

  • Locate causation and describe damages

  • Identify future cost and care based on medical recommendations

  • Medical billing review

  • Medicare Set-Aside Allocations and review

  • Conduct research

  • Timelines of medical events

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